FontFamilyMap FontFamilyMap FontFamilyMap FontFamilyMap Class


Defines which FontFamily to use for a specified set of Unicode code points and a culture-specific language.

public ref class FontFamilyMap
public class FontFamilyMap
type FontFamilyMap = class
Public Class FontFamilyMap


The FontFamilyMap also specifies a scale factor, allowing the target FontFamily size to be adjusted so that it better matches the size of other fonts used in the composite font family.


FontFamilyMap() FontFamilyMap() FontFamilyMap() FontFamilyMap()

Initializes a new instance of the FontFamilyMap class.


Language Language Language Language

Gets or sets the culture-specific language for the FontFamilyMap.

Scale Scale Scale Scale

Gets or sets the font scale factor for the target FontFamily.

Target Target Target Target

Gets or sets the target font family name for which the Unicode range applies to.

Unicode Unicode Unicode Unicode

Gets or sets a string value representing one or more Unicode code point ranges.


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