GlyphRun.GlyphOffsets Property



This API is not CLS-compliant.

Gets or sets an array of Point values representing the offsets of the glyphs in the GlyphRun.

 property System::Collections::Generic::IList<System::Windows::Point> ^ GlyphOffsets { System::Collections::Generic::IList<System::Windows::Point> ^ get(); void set(System::Collections::Generic::IList<System::Windows::Point> ^ value); };
public System.Collections.Generic.IList<System.Windows.Point> GlyphOffsets { get; set; }
member this.GlyphOffsets : System.Collections.Generic.IList<System.Windows.Point> with get, set
Public Property GlyphOffsets As IList(Of Point)

Property Value


A list of Point values representing the offsets of glyph.



The glyph offset values are added to the nominal glyph origin to generate the final origin for the glyph. The AdvanceWidths property represents the values of the nominal glyph origins for the GlyphRun.

Base glyphs generally have a glyph offset of (0, 0), combining glyphs generally have an offset that places them correctly on top of the nearest preceding base glyph.

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