BitmapMetadataBlob BitmapMetadataBlob BitmapMetadataBlob BitmapMetadataBlob Class


Provides a placeholder for metadata items that cannot be converted from C# to an underlying data type that persists metadata. The blob is converted into an array of bytes to preserve the content.

public ref class BitmapMetadataBlob
public class BitmapMetadataBlob
type BitmapMetadataBlob = class
Public Class BitmapMetadataBlob


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) supports the following image metadata schemas: Exchangeable image file (Exif), tEXt (PNG Textual Data), image file directory (IFD), International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), and Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP).


BitmapMetadataBlob(Byte[]) BitmapMetadataBlob(Byte[]) BitmapMetadataBlob(Byte[]) BitmapMetadataBlob(Byte[])

Initializes an instance of BitmapMetadataBlob and converts the metadata it holds into an array of bytes to persist its content.


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GetBlobValue() GetBlobValue() GetBlobValue() GetBlobValue()

Returns an array of bytes that represents the value of a BitmapMetadataBlob.

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