PointHitTestParameters PointHitTestParameters PointHitTestParameters PointHitTestParameters Class


Specifies a Point as the parameter to be used for hit testing of a visual object.

public ref class PointHitTestParameters : System::Windows::Media::HitTestParameters
public class PointHitTestParameters : System.Windows.Media.HitTestParameters
type PointHitTestParameters = class
    inherit HitTestParameters
Public Class PointHitTestParameters
Inherits HitTestParameters


The PointHitTestParameters class is for discrete coordinate hit testing, such as might be returned by a device. You can also hit test with a Geometry by creating a GeometryHitTestParameters object.


PointHitTestParameters(Point) PointHitTestParameters(Point) PointHitTestParameters(Point) PointHitTestParameters(Point)

Initializes a new instance of the PointHitTestParameters class, using a Point.


HitPoint HitPoint HitPoint HitPoint

Gets the Point against which to hit test.


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