RenderOptions.ProcessRenderMode RenderOptions.ProcessRenderMode RenderOptions.ProcessRenderMode RenderOptions.ProcessRenderMode Property


Specifies the render mode preference for the current process.

 static property System::Windows::Interop::RenderMode ProcessRenderMode { System::Windows::Interop::RenderMode get(); void set(System::Windows::Interop::RenderMode value); };
[get: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
[set: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public static System.Windows.Interop.RenderMode ProcessRenderMode { get; set; }
member this.ProcessRenderMode : System.Windows.Interop.RenderMode with get, set
Public Shared Property ProcessRenderMode As RenderMode

Property Value

The RenderMode preference for the current process.


Use the ProcessRenderMode property to force software rendering for the current process. You can avoid many rendering issues that occur in WPF applications and that are caused by external issues if you change your preference to software rendering.

During application startup, if your application detects rendering issues, such as slow frame rates, you can set the rendering mode to software only. Also, you may want to enable the user setting while the application is running.

The SoftwareOnly preference overrides the RenderMode setting. The precedence order for software rendering is:

  1. DisableHWAcceleration registry key

  2. ProcessRenderMode

  3. RenderMode (per-target)

Note ProcessRenderMode specifies a preference and does not necessarily change the actual rendering mode. Other parts of the system may override this preference and force the system into software rendering.


to set this property. Associated enumeration: AllWindows

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