TextRunProperties TextRunProperties TextRunProperties TextRunProperties Class


Provides a set of properties, such as typeface or foreground brush, that can be applied to a TextRun object. This is an abstract class.

public ref class TextRunProperties abstract
public abstract class TextRunProperties
type TextRunProperties = class
Public MustInherit Class TextRunProperties


The text layout client provides a concrete implementation of this abstract class. This enables the client to implement text run properties in a way that corresponds with the associated formatting store.


TextRunProperties() TextRunProperties() TextRunProperties() TextRunProperties()

Initializes a new instance of the TextRunProperties class.


BackgroundBrush BackgroundBrush BackgroundBrush BackgroundBrush

Gets the brush that is used to paint the background color of the text run.

BaselineAlignment BaselineAlignment BaselineAlignment BaselineAlignment

Gets the baseline style for a text that is positioned on the vertical axis.

CultureInfo CultureInfo CultureInfo CultureInfo

Gets the culture information for the text run.

FontHintingEmSize FontHintingEmSize FontHintingEmSize FontHintingEmSize

Gets the text size in points, which is then used for font hinting.

FontRenderingEmSize FontRenderingEmSize FontRenderingEmSize FontRenderingEmSize

Gets the text size in points for the text run.

ForegroundBrush ForegroundBrush ForegroundBrush ForegroundBrush

Gets the brush that is used to paint the foreground color of the text run.

NumberSubstitution NumberSubstitution NumberSubstitution NumberSubstitution

Gets the number substitution settings, which determines who numbers in text are displayed in different cultures.

PixelsPerDip PixelsPerDip PixelsPerDip PixelsPerDip

Gets or sets the PixelsPerDip at which the text should be rendered.

TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations

Gets the collection of TextDecoration objects used for the text run.

TextEffects TextEffects TextEffects TextEffects

Gets the collection of TextEffect objects used for the text run.

Typeface Typeface Typeface Typeface

Gets the typeface for the text run.

TypographyProperties TypographyProperties TypographyProperties TypographyProperties

Gets the typography properties for the text run.


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