Visual.VisualChildrenCount Visual.VisualChildrenCount Visual.VisualChildrenCount Visual.VisualChildrenCount Property


Gets the number of child elements for the Visual.

 virtual property int VisualChildrenCount { int get(); };
protected virtual int VisualChildrenCount { get; }
member this.VisualChildrenCount : int
Protected Overridable ReadOnly Property VisualChildrenCount As Integer

Property Value

The number of child elements.


The following example defines an overridden implementation of VisualChildrenCount.

// Provide a required override for the VisualChildrenCount property.
protected override int VisualChildrenCount
    get { return _children.Count; }
' Provide a required override for the VisualChildrenCount property.
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property VisualChildrenCount() As Integer
		Return _children.Count
	End Get
End Property


By default, a Visual has no children. Therefore, the default implementation always returns 0.

Notes to Inheritors

A class that derives from Visual must override this property, and also the GetVisualChild(Int32) method, for the visual tree to be enumerated correctly.

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