Rect.Scale(Double, Double) Method


Multiplies the size of the current rectangle by the specified x and y values.

 void Scale(double scaleX, double scaleY);
public void Scale (double scaleX, double scaleY);
member this.Scale : double * double -> unit
Public Sub Scale (scaleX As Double, scaleY As Double)



The scale factor in the x-direction.


The scale factor in the y-direction.


The following example shows how to use the Scale method to multiply the width and height of a rectangle by the specified amount.

private Size scaleExample()
    // Initialize new rectangle.
    Rect myRectangle = new Rect();

    // The Location property specifies the coordinates of the upper left-hand 
    // corner of the rectangle. 
    myRectangle.Location = new Point(10, 5);

    // Set the Size property of the rectangle with a width of 200
    // and a height of 50.
    myRectangle.Size = new Size(200, 50);
    // The Scale method multiplies the size of the rectangle by the specified amount. 
    // myRectangle size changed from (200,50) to (4000,1500).
    myRectangle.Scale(20, 30);

    // Returns a size of 4000,1500.
    return myRectangle.Size;

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