RoutingStrategy Enum


Indicates the routing strategy of a routed event.

public enum class RoutingStrategy
public enum RoutingStrategy
type RoutingStrategy = 
Public Enum RoutingStrategy


Bubble 1

The routed event uses a bubbling strategy, where the event instance routes upwards through the tree, from event source to root.

Direct 2

The routed event does not route through an element tree, but does support other routed event capabilities such as class handling, EventTrigger or EventSetter.

Tunnel 0

The routed event uses a tunneling strategy, where the event instance routes downwards through the tree, from root to source element.


Routing strategy for each routed event must be only one of these values. However, input events often exist in pairs on base classes, where one event is the bubbling version and one event is the tunneling version. For input events uniquely, the tunneling and bubbling versions have shared arguments and are raised in succession in response to the input device condition that raises the events.

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