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Represents a link to a file that is displayed in a Windows 7 taskbar Jump List.

public ref class JumpPath : System::Windows::Shell::JumpItem
public class JumpPath : System.Windows.Shell.JumpItem
type JumpPath = class
    inherit JumpItem
Public Class JumpPath
Inherits JumpItem


A JumpPath is a reference to a file that can be opened from a Windows 7 taskbar Jump List. If your application is not registered to handle the file type of the item, the file will not appear in the Jump List. For example, if you add a JumpPath to a .txt file, your application must be registered to handle .txt files.


JumpPath() JumpPath() JumpPath() JumpPath()

Initializes a new instance of the JumpPath class.


CustomCategory CustomCategory CustomCategory CustomCategory

Gets or sets the name of the category the JumpItem is grouped with in the Windows 7 taskbar Jump List.

(Inherited from JumpItem)
Path Path Path Path

Gets or sets the path to the file to be included in the Jump List.


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