SystemCommands SystemCommands SystemCommands SystemCommands Class


Defines routed commands that are common to window management.

public ref class SystemCommands abstract sealed
public static class SystemCommands
type SystemCommands = class
Public Class SystemCommands


The commands in the SystemCommands class represent a set of common commands that manage a Window. The properties in this class represent RoutedCommand objects and do not provide the implementation logic for the command. You can provide the logic for a command by binding the command with a CommandBinding. For more information, see How to: Hook Up a Command to a Control with No Command Support. Alternatively, the SystemCommands class provides static methods that implement the logic for the specified Window. You can pass a static method to a type that implements ICommand and that accepts a delegate. For more information, see the example in the InputBinding class.


CloseWindowCommand CloseWindowCommand CloseWindowCommand CloseWindowCommand

Gets a command that closes a window.

MaximizeWindowCommand MaximizeWindowCommand MaximizeWindowCommand MaximizeWindowCommand

Gets a command that maximizes a window.

MinimizeWindowCommand MinimizeWindowCommand MinimizeWindowCommand MinimizeWindowCommand

Gets a command that maximizes a window.

RestoreWindowCommand RestoreWindowCommand RestoreWindowCommand RestoreWindowCommand

Gets a command that restores a window.

ShowSystemMenuCommand ShowSystemMenuCommand ShowSystemMenuCommand ShowSystemMenuCommand

Gets a command that displays the system menu.


CloseWindow(Window) CloseWindow(Window) CloseWindow(Window) CloseWindow(Window)

Closes the specified window.

MaximizeWindow(Window) MaximizeWindow(Window) MaximizeWindow(Window) MaximizeWindow(Window)

Maximizes the specified window.

MinimizeWindow(Window) MinimizeWindow(Window) MinimizeWindow(Window) MinimizeWindow(Window)

Minimizes the specified window.

RestoreWindow(Window) RestoreWindow(Window) RestoreWindow(Window) RestoreWindow(Window)

Restores the specified window.

ShowSystemMenu(Window, Point) ShowSystemMenu(Window, Point) ShowSystemMenu(Window, Point) ShowSystemMenu(Window, Point)

Displays the system menu for the specified window.

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