DispatcherHooks DispatcherHooks DispatcherHooks DispatcherHooks Class


Provides additional event information about Dispatcher processing.

public ref class DispatcherHooks sealed
public sealed class DispatcherHooks
type DispatcherHooks = class
Public NotInheritable Class DispatcherHooks


DispatcherInactive DispatcherInactive DispatcherInactive DispatcherInactive

Occurs when the dispatcher has no more operations to process.

OperationAborted OperationAborted OperationAborted OperationAborted

Occurs when an operation is aborted.

OperationCompleted OperationCompleted OperationCompleted OperationCompleted

Occurs when an operation completes.

OperationPosted OperationPosted OperationPosted OperationPosted

Occurs when an operation is posted to the dispatcher.

OperationPriorityChanged OperationPriorityChanged OperationPriorityChanged OperationPriorityChanged

Occurs when the priority of an operation is changed.

OperationStarted OperationStarted OperationStarted OperationStarted

Occurs when an operation is invoked.


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