UIElement.GetLayoutClip(Size) UIElement.GetLayoutClip(Size) UIElement.GetLayoutClip(Size) UIElement.GetLayoutClip(Size) Method


Returns an alternative clipping geometry that represents the region that would be clipped if ClipToBounds were set to true.

 virtual System::Windows::Media::Geometry ^ GetLayoutClip(System::Windows::Size layoutSlotSize);
protected virtual System.Windows.Media.Geometry GetLayoutClip (System.Windows.Size layoutSlotSize);
abstract member GetLayoutClip : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Media.Geometry
override this.GetLayoutClip : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Media.Geometry
Protected Overridable Function GetLayoutClip (layoutSlotSize As Size) As Geometry


Size Size Size Size

The available size provided by the element.


The potential clipping geometry.


The default implementation will return a legitimate value, but does not use the layoutSlotSize parameter in its calculations. Instead it uses the value of RenderSize.

This method is substantially overridden by the immediately derived FrameworkElement class, and the FrameworkElement override produces a more sophisticated behavior for general WPF framework-level elements. For details, see FrameworkElement.GetLayoutClip.

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