XpsSerializerFactory XpsSerializerFactory XpsSerializerFactory XpsSerializerFactory Class


Creates and provides information about XML Paper Specification (XPS) serializers.

public ref class XpsSerializerFactory sealed : System::Windows::Documents::Serialization::ISerializerFactory
public sealed class XpsSerializerFactory : System.Windows.Documents.Serialization.ISerializerFactory
type XpsSerializerFactory = class
    interface ISerializerFactory
Public NotInheritable Class XpsSerializerFactory
Implements ISerializerFactory


XpsSerializerFactory() XpsSerializerFactory() XpsSerializerFactory() XpsSerializerFactory()

Initializes a new instance of the XpsSerializerFactory class.


DefaultFileExtension DefaultFileExtension DefaultFileExtension DefaultFileExtension

Gets the standard file name extension for XPS documents.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the public name for the serializers that the factory produces.

ManufacturerName ManufacturerName ManufacturerName ManufacturerName

Gets the manufacturer's name for serializers that the factory produces.

ManufacturerWebsite ManufacturerWebsite ManufacturerWebsite ManufacturerWebsite

Gets the manufacturer's Web address for serializers that the factory produces.


CreateSerializerWriter(Stream) CreateSerializerWriter(Stream) CreateSerializerWriter(Stream) CreateSerializerWriter(Stream)

Creates a SerializerWriter that outputs XPS content to a specified Stream.

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