RuleReevaluationBehavior Enum


Specifies whether a Rule can be reevaluated.

public enum class RuleReevaluationBehavior
public enum RuleReevaluationBehavior
type RuleReevaluationBehavior = 
Public Enum RuleReevaluationBehavior


Always 1

Indicates that the Rule can be reevaluated multiple times. Always is the default value.

Never 0

Indicates that the Rule is executed once. A condition may be evaluated several times until the rule executes actions, but the rule will never be evaluated again.


This enumeration is used to limit the number of times that a Rule runs, primarily to prevent infinite loops. The default value for this field is Always. This means that the number of times the Rule is run is not limited, and the Rule can be run as many times as determined by the chaining cycles in the RuleSet evaluation.

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