DesignerTheme.OnAmbientPropertyChanged(AmbientProperty) DesignerTheme.OnAmbientPropertyChanged(AmbientProperty) DesignerTheme.OnAmbientPropertyChanged(AmbientProperty) Method


Notifies the designer theme class that the ambient property settings for the designer have changed.

 virtual void OnAmbientPropertyChanged(System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::AmbientProperty ambientProperty);
public virtual void OnAmbientPropertyChanged (System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.AmbientProperty ambientProperty);
abstract member OnAmbientPropertyChanged : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.AmbientProperty -> unit
override this.OnAmbientPropertyChanged : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.AmbientProperty -> unit


AmbientProperty AmbientProperty AmbientProperty

The AmbientProperty enumeration value that the designer theme should now use.


Classes that inherit from DesignerTheme use this method to make necessary changes when the AmbientProperty enumeration value changes from DesignerSize to OperatingSystemSetting or OperatingSystemSetting to DesignerSize.

The AmbientProperty enumeration determines where a designer theme obtains its ambient property settings. If the DesignerSize value is set, the designer theme class obtains its ambient settings from the AmbientTheme property. If the OperatingSystemSetting value is set, the designer theme class obtains its ambient settings from the operating system on which the designer is installed.

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