IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider Interface



This API is now obsolete.

Provides a property type to the bind infrastructure. It is implemented by activities that contain a property of variable type, where the type can vary depending on other activity settings.

public interface class IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider
public interface IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider
[System.Obsolete("The System.Workflow.* types are deprecated.  Instead, please use the new types from System.Activities.*")]
public interface IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider
type IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider = interface
Public Interface IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider



This material discusses types and namespaces that are obsolete. For more information, see Deprecated Types in Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5.

This interface allows the parent activity to associate two properties and indicate to the bind infrastructure the type to be used in validating the bind. For example, you might have an activity with two properties, TypeProperty and ValueProperty, where TypeProperty specifies a valid type for the value of ValueProperty. In such a case, the parent activity implements the IDynamicPropertyTypeProvider interface.


GetAccessType(IServiceProvider, String)

Returns the access type for the specified property.

GetPropertyType(IServiceProvider, String)

Returns the Type of the specified property.

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