XamlLanguage.Initialization Property


Gets a XamlDirective for the Initialization directive from XAML.

 static property System::Xaml::XamlDirective ^ Initialization { System::Xaml::XamlDirective ^ get(); };
public static System.Xaml.XamlDirective Initialization { get; }
member this.Initialization : System.Xaml.XamlDirective
Public Shared ReadOnly Property Initialization As XamlDirective

Property Value


A XamlDirective for the Initialization directive from XAML.


This directive represents the XAML node or XAML information set representation of initialization text, where a string within an object element supplies the type construction information for the surrounding object element.

If you are looking at raw node interpretations or visualizations, Initialization is sometimes seen in string form as _Initialization (note the leading underscore) and is within the XAML language XAML namespace (as notated by a preceding Namespace node). In [MS-XAML], this concept is described under the heading x:InitializationText. See [MS-XAML] Section 5.3.3.

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