XamlLanguage.UnknownContent Property


Gets a XamlDirective for the UnknownContent directive from XAML.

 static property System::Xaml::XamlDirective ^ UnknownContent { System::Xaml::XamlDirective ^ get(); };
public static System.Xaml.XamlDirective UnknownContent { get; }
member this.UnknownContent : System.Xaml.XamlDirective
Public Shared ReadOnly Property UnknownContent As XamlDirective

Property Value


A XamlDirective for the UnknownContent directive from XAML.


UnknownContent is a directive that is a placeholder to use in a XAML node set if a reader encounters unknown content for a value node or initialization text (no available intrinsic or text syntax can convert it).

If you are looking at raw node interpretations or visualizations, UnknownContent is sometimes seen in string form as _UnknownContent (note the leading underscore) and is within the XAML language XAML namespace (as notated by a preceding Namespace node).

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