XamlNodeList.GetReader Method


Returns a XAML reader implementation delegate.

 System::Xaml::XamlReader ^ GetReader();
public System.Xaml.XamlReader GetReader ();
member this.GetReader : unit -> System.Xaml.XamlReader
Public Function GetReader () As XamlReader


A XAML reader implementation delegate.


The XamlNodeList is still in Write mode.


The writer that is used for the node list has no schema context.


Although it is not specifically a service provider, you can use the XamlReader delegate that is returned from XamlNodeList.GetReader in a service mode, where you cast it to IXamlIndexingReader. In that mode you can get and set the index values for IXamlIndexingReader.CurrentIndex. In this manner, the set mode enables skipping nodes without using the standard Read and Skip.

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