XamlXmlWriter.WriteNamespace(NamespaceDeclaration) XamlXmlWriter.WriteNamespace(NamespaceDeclaration) XamlXmlWriter.WriteNamespace(NamespaceDeclaration) Method


Writes namespace information to the underlying XmlWriter or TextWriter. May throw an exception for certain states; however, may instead defer writing the namespace information until the writer and the XAML node stream that is being processed reaches a position where a XAML namespace declaration can be inserted.

 override void WriteNamespace(System::Xaml::NamespaceDeclaration ^ namespaceDeclaration);
public override void WriteNamespace (System.Xaml.NamespaceDeclaration namespaceDeclaration);
override this.WriteNamespace : System.Xaml.NamespaceDeclaration -> unit


NamespaceDeclaration NamespaceDeclaration NamespaceDeclaration

The XAML namespace declaration to write.


namespaceDeclaration is not a valid XAML namespace declaration (has a null prefix or null identifier component).

The current writer state does not support writing a XAML namespace declaration.

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