XmlAttribute.PrependChild(XmlNode) Method


Adds the specified node to the beginning of the list of child nodes for this node.

 override System::Xml::XmlNode ^ PrependChild(System::Xml::XmlNode ^ newChild);
public override System.Xml.XmlNode PrependChild (System.Xml.XmlNode newChild);
override this.PrependChild : System.Xml.XmlNode -> System.Xml.XmlNode
Public Overrides Function PrependChild (newChild As XmlNode) As XmlNode



The XmlNode to add. If it is an XmlDocumentFragment, the entire contents of the document fragment are moved into the child list of this node.


The XmlNode added.


This node is of a type that does not allow child nodes of the type of the newChild node.

The newChild is an ancestor of this node.

The newChild was created from a different document than the one that created this node.

This node is read-only.


For an example of the PrependChild method, see the PrependChild method.


If the newChild is already in the tree, it is first removed.

If the node being inserted was created from another document, you can use XmlDocument.ImportNode to import the node to the current document. The imported node can then be inserted into the current document.

This method is a Microsoft extension to the Document Object Model (DOM).

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