XmlNodeType XmlNodeType XmlNodeType XmlNodeType Enum


Specifies the type of node.

public enum class XmlNodeType
public enum XmlNodeType
type XmlNodeType = 
Public Enum XmlNodeType


Attribute Attribute Attribute Attribute 2

An attribute (for example, id='123' ).


A CDATA section (for example, <![CDATA[my escaped text]]> ).

Comment Comment Comment Comment 8

A comment (for example, <!-- my comment --> ).

Document Document Document Document 9

A document object that, as the root of the document tree, provides access to the entire XML document.

DocumentFragment DocumentFragment DocumentFragment DocumentFragment 11

A document fragment.

DocumentType DocumentType DocumentType DocumentType 10

The document type declaration, indicated by the following tag (for example, <!DOCTYPE...> ).

Element Element Element Element 1

An element (for example, <item> ).

EndElement EndElement EndElement EndElement 15

An end element tag (for example, </item> ).

EndEntity EndEntity EndEntity EndEntity 16

Returned when XmlReader gets to the end of the entity replacement as a result of a call to ResolveEntity().

Entity Entity Entity Entity 6

An entity declaration (for example, <!ENTITY...> ).

EntityReference EntityReference EntityReference EntityReference 5

A reference to an entity (for example, &num; ).

None None None None 0

This is returned by the XmlReader if a Read method has not been called.

Notation Notation Notation Notation 12

A notation in the document type declaration (for example, <!NOTATION...> ).

ProcessingInstruction ProcessingInstruction ProcessingInstruction ProcessingInstruction 7

A processing instruction (for example, <?pi test?> ).

SignificantWhitespace SignificantWhitespace SignificantWhitespace SignificantWhitespace 14

White space between markup in a mixed content model or white space within the xml:space="preserve" scope.

Text Text Text Text 3

The text content of a node.

Whitespace Whitespace Whitespace Whitespace 13

White space between markup.

XmlDeclaration XmlDeclaration XmlDeclaration XmlDeclaration 17

The XML declaration (for example, <?xml version='1.0'?> ).

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