IUIFocusItem IUIFocusItem Interface


Interface that defines the CanBecomeFocused method.

[Foundation.Protocol(Name="UIFocusItem", WrapperType=typeof(UIKit.UIFocusItemWrapper))]
[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 10, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
public interface IUIFocusItem : IDisposable, UIKit.IUIFocusEnvironment
type IUIFocusItem = interface
    interface INativeObject
    interface IDisposable
    interface IUIFocusEnvironment


CanBecomeFocused CanBecomeFocused
Handle Handle

Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.

(Inherited from INativeObject)
PreferredFocusedView PreferredFocusedView

If not null, indicates the child UIView that should receive focus by default.

(Inherited from IUIFocusEnvironment)


DidUpdateFocus(UIFocusUpdateContext, UIFocusAnimationCoordinator) DidUpdateFocus(UIFocusUpdateContext, UIFocusAnimationCoordinator)

Delegate method called shortly after focus has changed to a new UIView.

(Inherited from IUIFocusEnvironment)
SetNeedsFocusUpdate() SetNeedsFocusUpdate()

When this is the active focus environment, requests a focus update, which can potentially change the PreferredFocusedView. (See also UpdateFocusIfNeeded().)

(Inherited from IUIFocusEnvironment)
ShouldUpdateFocus(UIFocusUpdateContext) ShouldUpdateFocus(UIFocusUpdateContext)

Called prior to the current object either losing or receiving focus. If either focus environment returns false, the focus update is canceled.

(Inherited from IUIFocusEnvironment)
UpdateFocusIfNeeded() UpdateFocusIfNeeded()

If any focus environment has a pending update, this method forces an immediate focus update. Unlike SetNeedsFocusUpdate(), this method may be called by any IUIFocusEnvironment, whether it currently contains focus or not.

(Inherited from IUIFocusEnvironment)

Extension Methods

GetFocusItemContainer(IUIFocusEnvironment) GetFocusItemContainer(IUIFocusEnvironment)

Gets the focus container for the environment.

GetParentFocusEnvironment(IUIFocusEnvironment) GetParentFocusEnvironment(IUIFocusEnvironment)

Gets the parent focus environment.

GetPreferredFocusEnvironments(IUIFocusEnvironment) GetPreferredFocusEnvironments(IUIFocusEnvironment)

Gets the list of focus environments, ordered by priority, that the environment prefers when updating the focus.

DidHintFocusMovement(IUIFocusItem, UIFocusMovementHint) DidHintFocusMovement(IUIFocusItem, UIFocusMovementHint)

Called when a focus change may soon happen.

GetFrame(IUIFocusItem) GetFrame(IUIFocusItem)

Returns the frame in the reference coordinate space of the containing IUIFocusItemContainer.

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