IUIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate Interface


Interface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol UIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate.

[Foundation.Protocol(Name="UIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate", WrapperType=typeof(UIKit.UIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegateWrapper))]
public interface IUIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate : IDisposable, UIKit.IUIScrollViewDelegate
type IUIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate = interface
    interface INativeObject
    interface IDisposable
    interface IUIScrollViewDelegate


This interface contains the required methods (if any) from the protocol defined by UIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate.

If developers create classes that implement this interface, the implementation methods will automatically be exported to Objective-C with the matching signature from the method defined in the UIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate protocol.

Optional methods (if any) are provided by the UIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate_Extensions class as extension methods to the interface, allowing developers to invoke any optional methods on the protocol.



Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.

(Inherited from INativeObject)

Extension Methods

GetAccessibilityAttributedScrollStatus(IUIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate, UIScrollView)

Gets an attributed string that represents the current relative progress through a document or collection of documents. (For example, "Volume 34 of 51.")

GetAccessibilityScrollStatus(IUIScrollViewAccessibilityDelegate, UIScrollView)

Gets a string that represents the current relative progress through a document or collection of documents. (For example, "Volume 34 of 51.")

DecelerationEnded(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that deceleration relating to a scroll event has ended.

DecelerationStarted(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that deceleration of a scrolling event has begun.

DidChangeAdjustedContentInset(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Method that is called when the inset values change.

DidZoom(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that the specified scrollView has zoomed.

DraggingEnded(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView, Boolean)

Indicates that dragging has completed.

DraggingStarted(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that dragging has begun.

ScrollAnimationEnded(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that all animations relating to scrolling have completed.

Scrolled(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that the specified scrollView has scrolled.

ScrolledToTop(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Indicates that the specified scrollView's scrolling has ended at the top.

ShouldScrollToTop(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

Whether a scroll to the beginning of the scrollView should be permitted.

ViewForZoomingInScrollView(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView)

The UIView to scale when zooming is requested.

WillEndDragging(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView, CGPoint, CGPoint)

Indicates that dragging is about to end.

ZoomingEnded(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView, UIView, nfloat)

Indicates that zooming has completed.

ZoomingStarted(IUIScrollViewDelegate, UIScrollView, UIView)

Indicates that zooming has begun.

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