IUITableViewDataSource Interface


Interface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol UITableViewDataSource.

[Foundation.Protocol(Name="UITableViewDataSource", WrapperType=typeof(UIKit.UITableViewDataSourceWrapper))]
public interface IUITableViewDataSource : IDisposable, ObjCRuntime.INativeObject
type IUITableViewDataSource = interface
    interface INativeObject
    interface IDisposable


This interface contains the required methods (if any) from the protocol defined by UITableViewDataSource.

If developers create classes that implement this interface, the implementation methods will automatically be exported to Objective-C with the matching signature from the method defined in the UITableViewDataSource protocol.

Optional methods (if any) are provided by the UITableViewDataSource_Extensions class as extension methods to the interface, allowing developers to invoke any optional methods on the protocol.



Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.

(Inherited from INativeObject)


GetCell(UITableView, NSIndexPath)

Returns a cell that can be inserted at indexPath.

RowsInSection(UITableView, nint)

The number of rows in the specified section.

Extension Methods

CanEditRow(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, NSIndexPath)

Whether the row located at should be editable.

CanMoveRow(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, NSIndexPath)

Whether the row located at can be moved to another location in the table view.

CommitEditingStyle(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, UITableViewCellEditingStyle, NSIndexPath)

Commits the insertion or deletion of the specified row.

MoveRow(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, NSIndexPath, NSIndexPath)

Called when a row has been moved so that the data source can 'implement' the changed row position that has been performed in the user interface. This ensures the data is kept in-sync with what is being displayed.

NumberOfSections(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView)

Returns the number of sections that are required to display the data.

SectionFor(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, String, nint)

Returns the index of the section with the given and .

SectionIndexTitles(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView)

Returns an array of titles to be displayed as an index on the table view.

TitleForFooter(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, nint)

Called to populate the footer for the specified section.

TitleForHeader(IUITableViewDataSource, UITableView, nint)

Called to populate the header for the specified section.

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