IUITextDraggable IUITextDraggable Interface


Interface for treating a text view as a drag source.

[Foundation.Protocol(Name="UITextDraggable", WrapperType=typeof(UIKit.UITextDraggableWrapper))]
[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 11, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
[ObjCRuntime.Unavailable(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.WatchOS, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
[ObjCRuntime.Unavailable(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.TvOS, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
public interface IUITextDraggable : IDisposable, UIKit.IUITextInput
type IUITextDraggable = interface
    interface INativeObject
    interface IDisposable
    interface IUIKeyInput
    interface IUITextInputTraits
    interface IUITextInput


AutocapitalizationType AutocapitalizationType

The UITextAutocapitalizationType used by the IUITextInput.

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
AutocorrectionType AutocorrectionType

The UITextAutocorrectionType used by the IUITextInput.

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
BeginningOfDocument BeginningOfDocument

The position of text indicating the beginning of a document.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
EnablesReturnKeyAutomatically EnablesReturnKeyAutomatically

Whether the return key is automatically enabled.

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
EndOfDocument EndOfDocument

The position of text indicating the beginning of a document.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
Handle Handle

Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.

(Inherited from INativeObject)
HasText HasText

Gets a value that tells whether the key input has text in it.

(Inherited from IUIKeyInput)
KeyboardAppearance KeyboardAppearance

The UIKeyboardAppearance used by the IUITextInput

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
KeyboardType KeyboardType

The UIKeyboardType used by the IUITextInput.

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
MarkedTextRange MarkedTextRange

The currently marked range of text in a given document.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
MarkedTextStyle MarkedTextStyle

Attribute dictionary describing how text should be drawn.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
ReturnKeyType ReturnKeyType

The form of the return key for the IUITextInput.

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
SecureTextEntry SecureTextEntry

Whether the entered text should be hidden.

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
SelectedTextRange SelectedTextRange

The range of a document's selected text.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
SpellCheckingType SpellCheckingType

Gets or sets a value that tells whether spell-checking is on, off, or if spell-checking will be enabled only when auto-complete is enabled (default).

(Inherited from IUITextInputTraits)
TextDragActive TextDragActive

Gets a Boolean value that tells whether a drag session is active for the text view.

TextDragDelegate TextDragDelegate

Gets or sets a delegate for managing drag source behavior.

TextDragInteraction TextDragInteraction

Gets the drag interaction on the text view.

TextDragOptions TextDragOptions

Gets a value that controls how formatting is displayed in dragged text.

WeakInputDelegate WeakInputDelegate

Indicates a weak input delegate.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
WeakTokenizer WeakTokenizer

Indicates a weak tokenizer.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)


ComparePosition(UITextPosition, UITextPosition) ComparePosition(UITextPosition, UITextPosition)

Gets a comparison of one position to another.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
DeleteBackward() DeleteBackward() Inherited from IUIKeyInput
GetBaseWritingDirection(UITextPosition, UITextStorageDirection) GetBaseWritingDirection(UITextPosition, UITextStorageDirection)

Gets the base writing direction for a text position.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetCaretRectForPosition(UITextPosition) GetCaretRectForPosition(UITextPosition)

A rectangle used for drawing a caret at a given insertion point.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetCharacterRange(UITextPosition, UITextLayoutDirection) GetCharacterRange(UITextPosition, UITextLayoutDirection)

Gets a character range within the limits of a defined direction.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetCharacterRangeAtPoint(CGPoint) GetCharacterRangeAtPoint(CGPoint)

Gets the character or a range of characters in a document that exists at a given point.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetClosestPositionToPoint(CGPoint) GetClosestPositionToPoint(CGPoint)

Gets the closest position in a document that exists to a given point.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetClosestPositionToPoint(CGPoint, UITextRange) GetClosestPositionToPoint(CGPoint, UITextRange) Inherited from IUITextInput
GetFirstRectForRange(UITextRange) GetFirstRectForRange(UITextRange)

Gets the first rectangle enclosing a specified range of document text.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetOffsetFromPosition(UITextPosition, UITextPosition) GetOffsetFromPosition(UITextPosition, UITextPosition)

Gets the number of visible characters between two defined text positions.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetPosition(UITextPosition, nint) GetPosition(UITextPosition, nint)

Gets the character offset from the initial position.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetPosition(UITextPosition, UITextLayoutDirection, nint) GetPosition(UITextPosition, UITextLayoutDirection, nint)

Gets the character offset from an initial position.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetPositionWithinRange(UITextRange, UITextLayoutDirection) GetPositionWithinRange(UITextRange, UITextLayoutDirection)

Gets a position within a specified range.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetSelectionRects(UITextRange) GetSelectionRects(UITextRange)

Gets an array of selection rects that corresponds to a text range.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
GetTextRange(UITextPosition, UITextPosition) GetTextRange(UITextPosition, UITextPosition)

Gets a specified text range.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
InsertText(String) InsertText(String)

Inserts text at the cursor.

(Inherited from IUIKeyInput)
ReplaceText(UITextRange, String) ReplaceText(UITextRange, String)

Replaces document text within a specified range.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
SetBaseWritingDirectionforRange(UITextWritingDirection, UITextRange) SetBaseWritingDirectionforRange(UITextWritingDirection, UITextRange)

Sets a base directon for writing in the specified range of text.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
SetMarkedText(String, NSRange) SetMarkedText(String, NSRange)

Sets the marked text and marks it as the current selection.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
TextInRange(UITextRange) TextInRange(UITextRange)

Gets all the text that is specified within a certain range.

(Inherited from IUITextInput)
UnmarkText() UnmarkText()

Unmarks all currently marked text within a document

(Inherited from IUITextInput)

Extension Methods

BeginFloatingCursor(IUITextInput, CGPoint) BeginFloatingCursor(IUITextInput, CGPoint)

Begins displaying the floating cursor at the specified point.

DictationRecognitionFailed(IUITextInput) DictationRecognitionFailed(IUITextInput)

The recognition of dictation failed.

DictationRecordingDidEnd(IUITextInput) DictationRecordingDidEnd(IUITextInput)

The recording of dictation ended.

EndFloatingCursor(IUITextInput) EndFloatingCursor(IUITextInput)

Ends display of the floating cursor.

GetCharacterOffsetOfPosition(IUITextInput, UITextPosition, UITextRange) GetCharacterOffsetOfPosition(IUITextInput, UITextPosition, UITextRange)

Calculates and returns the offset into range of the character that is in position in the document.

GetFrameForDictationResultPlaceholder(IUITextInput, NSObject) GetFrameForDictationResultPlaceholder(IUITextInput, NSObject)

Returns the rectangle in which to display the animated dictation result placeholder.

GetPosition(IUITextInput, UITextRange, nint) GetPosition(IUITextInput, UITextRange, nint)

Calculates and returns the absolute position in the document that is atCharacterOffset characters into withinRange.

GetSelectionAffinity(IUITextInput) GetSelectionAffinity(IUITextInput)

Stops displaying the floating cursor.

GetTextInputView(IUITextInput) GetTextInputView(IUITextInput)

Returns the input view that provides the coordinate system for geometric operations within the text input.

GetTextStyling(IUITextInput, UITextPosition, UITextStorageDirection) GetTextStyling(IUITextInput, UITextPosition, UITextStorageDirection)

Returns a dictionary of style properties for text at the atPosition position.

InsertDictationResult(IUITextInput, NSArray) InsertDictationResult(IUITextInput, NSArray)

Inserts a dictation result at the current position.

InsertDictationResultPlaceholder(IUITextInput) InsertDictationResultPlaceholder(IUITextInput)

Returns the placeholder object to use before dictation results are finished being generated.

RemoveDictationResultPlaceholder(IUITextInput, NSObject, Boolean) RemoveDictationResultPlaceholder(IUITextInput, NSObject, Boolean)

The placeholder is no longer needed.

SetSelectionAffinity(IUITextInput, UITextStorageDirection) SetSelectionAffinity(IUITextInput, UITextStorageDirection)

Sets a value that controls whether the cursor is displayed at the start of the last line or end of the second-to-last line of a multiline selection.

ShouldChangeTextInRange(IUITextInput, UITextRange, String) ShouldChangeTextInRange(IUITextInput, UITextRange, String)

Asks whether the text in inRange should be replaced with replacementText.

UpdateFloatingCursor(IUITextInput, CGPoint) UpdateFloatingCursor(IUITextInput, CGPoint)

Moves the floating curor to the specified point.

GetPasswordRules(IUITextInputTraits) GetPasswordRules(IUITextInputTraits)

Returns the password entry rules.

GetSmartDashesType(IUITextInputTraits) GetSmartDashesType(IUITextInputTraits)

Gets the smart dashes style.

GetSmartInsertDeleteType(IUITextInputTraits) GetSmartInsertDeleteType(IUITextInputTraits)

Gets the smart insert style.

GetSmartQuotesType(IUITextInputTraits) GetSmartQuotesType(IUITextInputTraits)

Gets the smart quotes style.

GetTextContentType(IUITextInputTraits) GetTextContentType(IUITextInputTraits)

Gets the semantic of the expected input, which allows the system to, for example, provide custom keyboards.

SetPasswordRules(IUITextInputTraits, UITextInputPasswordRules) SetPasswordRules(IUITextInputTraits, UITextInputPasswordRules)

Sets the password entry rules.

SetSmartDashesType(IUITextInputTraits, UITextSmartDashesType) SetSmartDashesType(IUITextInputTraits, UITextSmartDashesType)

Sets the style for smart dashes.

SetSmartInsertDeleteType(IUITextInputTraits, UITextSmartInsertDeleteType) SetSmartInsertDeleteType(IUITextInputTraits, UITextSmartInsertDeleteType)

Sets the style for smart insertion.

SetSmartQuotesType(IUITextInputTraits, UITextSmartQuotesType) SetSmartQuotesType(IUITextInputTraits, UITextSmartQuotesType)

Sets the style for smart quotes.

SetTextContentType(IUITextInputTraits, NSString) SetTextContentType(IUITextInputTraits, NSString)

Sets the semantic of the expected input, which allows the system to, for example, provide custom keyboards.

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