UIAccessibility.RequestGuidedAccessSession(Boolean, Action<Boolean>) UIAccessibility.RequestGuidedAccessSession(Boolean, Action<Boolean>) Method


Requests that the system to enter Guided Access mode.

public static void RequestGuidedAccessSession (bool enable, Action<bool> completionHandler);
static member RequestGuidedAccessSession : bool * Action<bool> -> unit


Boolean Boolean

Determines whether you want to enter (true) enable or leave (false) guided access mode.


Method to invoke once the system has successfully transitioned to that state. The method takes a boolean that determines if the transition was successfull.


When an application is running in Guided Access mode, it can prevent the home button from working, and can control other features of the operating system from working.

For this API call to succeed, the application must be Supervised, and the application must have been whitelisted using Mobile Device Management.

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