UIAccessibility UIAccessibility Class


Provides access to the accessibility framework for UIKit.

public static class UIAccessibility
type UIAccessibility = class


DarkerSystemColorsEnabled DarkerSystemColorsEnabled

Determines whether darker system colors are currently enabled

DarkerSystemColosEnabled DarkerSystemColosEnabled

Deprecated. Developers should use DarkerSystemColorsEnabled, instead.

HearingDevicePairedEar HearingDevicePairedEar

Retrieves the status of how a hearing device is paired to one, both, or no ears.

IsAssistiveTouchRunning IsAssistiveTouchRunning

Whether assistive touch is active.

IsBoldTextEnabled IsBoldTextEnabled

Determines whether bold text is currently enabled

IsClosedCaptioningEnabled IsClosedCaptioningEnabled

Determines whether close captioning is currently enabled.

IsGrayscaleEnabled IsGrayscaleEnabled

Determines whether gray scale is currently enabled

IsGuidedAccessEnabled IsGuidedAccessEnabled

Determines whether guide access is currently enabled.

IsInvertColorsEnabled IsInvertColorsEnabled

Determines if the system is currently rendering with inverted colors for accessibility

IsMonoAudioEnabled IsMonoAudioEnabled

Determines whether the system is running with mono audio.

IsReduceMotionEnabled IsReduceMotionEnabled

Determines whether the system is running with reduced motion.

IsReduceTransparencyEnabled IsReduceTransparencyEnabled

Determines whether the system is running with reduced transparency.

IsShakeToUndoEnabled IsShakeToUndoEnabled

Whether the "shake to undo" gesture is enabled on the device.

IsSpeakScreenEnabled IsSpeakScreenEnabled

Determines whether the system is running with the speak screen enabled.

IsSpeakSelectionEnabled IsSpeakSelectionEnabled

Determines whether the system is running with speak selection enabled.

IsSwitchControlRunning IsSwitchControlRunning

Determines whether the system is running with switch control enabled.

IsVoiceOverRunning IsVoiceOverRunning

Determines whether voiceover is currently active.


ConvertFrameToScreenCoordinates(CGRect, UIView) ConvertFrameToScreenCoordinates(CGRect, UIView)

Converts the provided rectangle in the specified view to screen coordinates.

ConvertPathToScreenCoordinates(UIBezierPath, UIView) ConvertPathToScreenCoordinates(UIBezierPath, UIView)

Converts the path to screen coordinates and returns a new path using those values.

FocusedElement(String) FocusedElement(String)

Retrieves the currently focused element for the given assistiveTechnologyIdentifier assistive technology.

PostNotification(Int32, NSObject) PostNotification(Int32, NSObject)

Posts an accessibility notification.

PostNotification(UIAccessibilityPostNotification, NSObject) PostNotification(UIAccessibilityPostNotification, NSObject)

Posts an accessibility notification.

RegisterGestureConflictWithZoom() RegisterGestureConflictWithZoom()

Used to inform the user that the accessibility zoom gesture conflicts with a gesture used by this application.

RequestGuidedAccessSession(Boolean, Action<Boolean>) RequestGuidedAccessSession(Boolean, Action<Boolean>)

Requests that the system to enter Guided Access mode.

RequestGuidedAccessSessionAsync(Boolean) RequestGuidedAccessSessionAsync(Boolean)

Asynchronously requests a transition between normal and Single App modes.

ZoomFocusChanged(UIAccessibilityZoomType, CGRect, UIView) ZoomFocusChanged(UIAccessibilityZoomType, CGRect, UIView)

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