UIDocument.RelinquishPresentedItemToReader(NSFilePresenterReacquirer) Method


Another request has been made for read access the presented item. (App developers overriding this method must run the readerAction action after releasing the resource.)

public virtual void RelinquishPresentedItemToReader (Foundation.NSFilePresenterReacquirer readerAction);
abstract member RelinquishPresentedItemToReader : Foundation.NSFilePresenterReacquirer -> unit
override this.RelinquishPresentedItemToReader : Foundation.NSFilePresenterReacquirer -> unit




App developers can supply an action to readerAction that notify the relinquishing process when the requesting object is finished with the resource. Setting this action to null causes the relinquishing app to not reacquire the resource after the requester is finished.

This can be used from a background thread.

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