UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs Class


Provides data for the FinishedPickingMedia event.

public class UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs : EventArgs
type UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs


These arguments are available if you use the FinishedPickingMedia event in UIImagePickerController.


UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs(NSDictionary) UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs(NSDictionary)

Initializes a new instance of the UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs class.


CropRect CropRect

The cropping rectangle that was applied to the original image.

EditedImage EditedImage

The image edited by the user.

ImageUrl ImageUrl

Gets the NSUrl of the image file.

Info Info

The original dictionary that was used to create this UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs.

LivePhoto LivePhoto

Gets the PHLivePhoto of the photo.

MediaMetadata MediaMetadata

For newly-captured photos only, retrieves the metadata of the photo.

MediaType MediaType

Indicates the media type.

MediaUrl MediaUrl

The filesystem URL for a movie.

OriginalImage OriginalImage

The original image prior to editing by the user.

PHAsset PHAsset
ReferenceUrl ReferenceUrl

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