UIKeyboardEventArgs UIKeyboardEventArgs Class


Provides data for the event.

public class UIKeyboardEventArgs : Foundation.NSNotificationEventArgs
type UIKeyboardEventArgs = class
    inherit NSNotificationEventArgs


UIKeyboardEventArgs(NSNotification) UIKeyboardEventArgs(NSNotification)

Initializes a new instance of the UIKeyboardEventArgs class.


AnimationCurve AnimationCurve

Describes the animation curve that will be used to animate the keyboard when it appears or disappears.

AnimationDuration AnimationDuration

The duration in seconds that the animation to show or hide the keyboard will take.

FrameBegin FrameBegin

The initial frame for the keyboard and accessory input view before the animation starts.

FrameEnd FrameEnd

The target frame that the keyboard and accessory input view will have when the animation ends.

Notification Notification

The underlying NSNotification object from the posted notification.

(Inherited from NSNotificationEventArgs)

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