UILineBreakMode UILineBreakMode Enum


An enumeration of values used to specify line break mode.

public enum UILineBreakMode
type UILineBreakMode = 


CharacterWrap CharacterWrap 1

Wraps at the first character that doesn't fit.

Clip Clip 2

That which does not fit is not rendered.

HeadTruncation HeadTruncation 3

The end of the text is shown, the head is truncated to an ellipse.

MiddleTruncation MiddleTruncation 5

The start and end of the text is shown, with an ellipse in the middle.

TailTruncation TailTruncation 4

The start of the text is shown, the rest is indicated with an ellipse.

WordWrap WordWrap 0

Wraps at the first word that does not fit.

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