UIMotionEffect.ComputeKeyPathsAndRelativeValues(UIOffset) UIMotionEffect.ComputeKeyPathsAndRelativeValues(UIOffset) Method


Method returning an NSDictionary containing changes to be applied to a view in response to a motion event.

public virtual Foundation.NSDictionary ComputeKeyPathsAndRelativeValues (UIKit.UIOffset viewerOffset);
abstract member ComputeKeyPathsAndRelativeValues : UIKit.UIOffset -> Foundation.NSDictionary
override this.ComputeKeyPathsAndRelativeValues : UIKit.UIOffset -> Foundation.NSDictionary


UIOffset UIOffset

Tilt of the device. The component ranges from -1 to 1 on each dimension.


NSDictionary containing one key for each keyPath to alter on the host view. The value for each key is the actual change to be applied to the object.


Methods overriding this implementation can return more than one value to alter on the hosting view. For example:

public override NSDictionary ComputeKeyPathsAndRelativeValues (UIOffset offset)
	return new NSDictionary (
		"center.x", new NSNumber (offset*10),
		"center.y", new NSNumber (offset*10)

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