UINavigationBar.UINavigationBarAppearance UINavigationBar.UINavigationBarAppearance Class


Appearance class for objects of type UINavigationBar.

public class UINavigationBar.UINavigationBarAppearance : UIKit.UIView.UIViewAppearance
type UINavigationBar.UINavigationBarAppearance = class
    inherit UIView.UIViewAppearance


This appearance class is a strongly typed subclass of UIAppearance that is intended to be used with objects of class UINavigationBar. You can obtain an instance to this class by either accessing the static Appearance property on the UINavigationBar or by calling the AppearanceWhenContainedIn(Type[]) to get a UIAppearance that is context sensitive.


UINavigationBar.UINavigationBarAppearance(IntPtr) UINavigationBar.UINavigationBarAppearance(IntPtr)


BackIndicatorImage BackIndicatorImage

The UIImage shown beside the back button.

BackIndicatorTransitionMaskImage BackIndicatorTransitionMaskImage

The UIImage used as a mask for content during push and pop transitions.

BarStyle BarStyle

The UIBarStyle for the navigation bar.

BarTintColor BarTintColor

The tint applied to the navigation bar background.

LargeTitleTextAttributes LargeTitleTextAttributes


ShadowImage ShadowImage

The shadow image for the navigation bar.

TitleTextAttributes TitleTextAttributes

Gets or sets the string attributes for the title text.

Translucent Translucent

Gets or sets whether the navigation bar is translucent.


GetBackgroundImage(UIBarMetrics) GetBackgroundImage(UIBarMetrics)

The background image used for the specified UIBarMetrics.

GetBackgroundImage(UIBarPosition, UIBarMetrics) GetBackgroundImage(UIBarPosition, UIBarMetrics)

The background image used for the specified UIBarPosition and UIBarMetrics.

GetTitleTextAttributes() GetTitleTextAttributes()

Display attributes for the bar's title.

GetTitleVerticalPositionAdjustment(UIBarMetrics) GetTitleVerticalPositionAdjustment(UIBarMetrics)

The vertical adjustment of the title for the specified UIBarMetrics.

SetBackgroundImage(UIImage, UIBarMetrics) SetBackgroundImage(UIImage, UIBarMetrics)

Sets the background image for the specified UIBarMetrics.

SetBackgroundImage(UIImage, UIBarPosition, UIBarMetrics) SetBackgroundImage(UIImage, UIBarPosition, UIBarMetrics)

Sets the background image to use for the specified UIBarPosition and UIBarMetrics.

SetTitleTextAttributes(UITextAttributes) SetTitleTextAttributes(UITextAttributes)

Sets the text attributes used by the title text.

SetTitleVerticalPositionAdjustment(nfloat, UIBarMetrics) SetTitleVerticalPositionAdjustment(nfloat, UIBarMetrics)

Adjusts the vertical position of the title by for .

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