UITabBarDelegate_Extensions UITabBarDelegate_Extensions Class


Extension methods to the IUITabBarDelegate interface to support all the methods from the UITabBarDelegate protocol.

public static class UITabBarDelegate_Extensions
type UITabBarDelegate_Extensions = class


The extension methods for IUITabBarDelegate allow developers to treat instances of the interface as having all the optional methods of the original UITabBarDelegate protocol. Since the interface only contains the required members, these extension methods allow developers to call the optional members of the protocol.


DidBeginCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[]) DidBeginCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[])

Indicates that customizing the specified UITabBarItems has begun.

DidEndCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[], Boolean) DidEndCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[], Boolean)

Indicates that customization of the specified items has ended.

ItemSelected(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem) ItemSelected(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem)

Indicates that the specified UITabBarItem was selected.

WillBeginCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[]) WillBeginCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[])

Indicates that customization is about to begin on the specified UITabBarItems.

WillEndCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[], Boolean) WillEndCustomizingItems(IUITabBarDelegate, UITabBar, UITabBarItem[], Boolean)

Indicates that customization is about to end on the specified UITabBarItems.

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