UIView.SetNeedsDisplayInRect(CGRect) UIView.SetNeedsDisplayInRect(CGRect) Method


Marks a region of the view as dirty and queues a redraw operation on that region.

public virtual void SetNeedsDisplayInRect (CoreGraphics.CGRect rect);
abstract member SetNeedsDisplayInRect : CoreGraphics.CGRect -> unit
override this.SetNeedsDisplayInRect : CoreGraphics.CGRect -> unit


CGRect CGRect

The region that will be marked as dirty.


This method is invoked if a region of the contents of the view need to be refreshed due to a change of state or geometry. Invoking this method will cause the Draw(CGRect) method to be invoked.

Alternatively you can use the SetNeedsDisplayInRect(CGRect) method if you want to repaint the entire view.

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