prjBuildAction Enum


Specifies a value indicating the type of build action for the current project item.

public enum class prjBuildAction
public enum class prjBuildAction
enum prjBuildAction
public enum prjBuildAction
type prjBuildAction = 
Public Enum prjBuildAction


prjBuildActionCompile 1

The file is compiled.

prjBuildActionContent 2

The file is included in the Content project output group (see Deploying Applications, Services, and Components)

prjBuildActionEmbeddedResource 3

The file is included in the main generated assembly or in a satellite assembly as a resource.

prjBuildActionNone 0

No action is taken.


This type is returned for the BuildAction property of the ProjectItem.Properties collection object. This property is available for a Visual Basic and Visual C# project item, if that project item is a file. For more information, see File Properties.

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