SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior Enum


Configures the behavior of SimpleMembershipProvider for the casing of user name queries.

public enum SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior
type SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior = 
Public Enum SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior


NormalizeCasing NormalizeCasing NormalizeCasing 0

Uses the SQL Upper function to normalize the casing of user names for a case-insensitive comparison. This is the default value.

RelyOnDatabaseCollation RelyOnDatabaseCollation RelyOnDatabaseCollation 1

Relies on the database's configured collation to normalize casing for the comparison of user names. User names are provided to the database exactly as entered by the user.

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