SimpleRoleProvider SimpleRoleProvider SimpleRoleProvider Class


Provides basic role-management functionality.

public class SimpleRoleProvider : System.Web.Security.RoleProvider
type SimpleRoleProvider = class
    inherit RoleProvider
Public Class SimpleRoleProvider
Inherits RoleProvider


SimpleRoleProvider() SimpleRoleProvider() SimpleRoleProvider()

Initializes a new instance of the SimpleRoleProvider class.

SimpleRoleProvider(RoleProvider) SimpleRoleProvider(RoleProvider) SimpleRoleProvider(RoleProvider)

Initializes a new instance of the SimpleRoleProvider class by using the specified role provider.


ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

Gets or sets the name of the application to store and retrieve role information for.

CasingBehavior CasingBehavior CasingBehavior

Gets or sets the SimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehavior for this provider.

UserIdColumn UserIdColumn UserIdColumn

Gets the name of the database column that contains user IDs.

UserNameColumn UserNameColumn UserNameColumn

Gets the name of the database column that contains user names.

UserTableName UserTableName UserTableName

Gets the name of the database table that contains user information.


AddUsersToRoles(String[], String[]) AddUsersToRoles(String[], String[]) AddUsersToRoles(String[], String[])

Adds the specified user names to the specified roles.

CreateRole(String) CreateRole(String) CreateRole(String)

Adds a new role.

DeleteRole(String, Boolean) DeleteRole(String, Boolean) DeleteRole(String, Boolean)

Deletes the specified role.

FindUsersInRole(String, String) FindUsersInRole(String, String) FindUsersInRole(String, String)

Returns all of the specified users who are in the specified role.

GetAllRoles() GetAllRoles() GetAllRoles()

Returns a list of all roles.

GetRolesForUser(String) GetRolesForUser(String) GetRolesForUser(String)

Returns a list of the roles that a specified user is in.

GetUsersInRole(String) GetUsersInRole(String) GetUsersInRole(String)

Returns the user names that are in the specified role.

IsUserInRole(String, String) IsUserInRole(String, String) IsUserInRole(String, String)

Returns a value that indicates whether the specified user is in the specified role.

RemoveUsersFromRoles(String[], String[]) RemoveUsersFromRoles(String[], String[]) RemoveUsersFromRoles(String[], String[])

Removes the specified user names from the specified roles.

RoleExists(String) RoleExists(String) RoleExists(String)

Returns a value that indicates whether a specified role exists.

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