BindingBase BindingBase Class


An abstract class that provides a BindingMode and a formatting option.

public abstract class BindingBase
type BindingBase = class


FallbackValue FallbackValue

Gets or sets the value to use instead of the default value for the property, if no specified value exists.

Mode Mode

Gets or sets the mode for this binding.

StringFormat StringFormat

Gets or sets the string format for this binding.

TargetNullValue TargetNullValue

Gets or sets the value to supply for a bound property when the target of the binding is null.


DisableCollectionSynchronization(IEnumerable) DisableCollectionSynchronization(IEnumerable)

Stops synchronization on the collection.

EnableCollectionSynchronization(IEnumerable, Object, CollectionSynchronizationCallback) EnableCollectionSynchronization(IEnumerable, Object, CollectionSynchronizationCallback)

Starts synchronization on the collection by using callback and context.

ThrowIfApplied() ThrowIfApplied()

Throws an InvalidOperationException if the binding has been applied.

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