Layout.LayoutChildIntoBoundingRegion(VisualElement, Rectangle) Layout.LayoutChildIntoBoundingRegion(VisualElement, Rectangle) Method


Positions a child element into a bounding region while respecting the child elements HorizontalOptions and VerticalOptions.

public static void LayoutChildIntoBoundingRegion (Xamarin.Forms.VisualElement child, Xamarin.Forms.Rectangle region);
static member LayoutChildIntoBoundingRegion : Xamarin.Forms.VisualElement * Xamarin.Forms.Rectangle -> unit


VisualElement VisualElement

The child element to be positioned.

Rectangle Rectangle

The bounding region in which the child should be positioned.


This method is called in the layout cycle after the general regions for each child have been calculated. This method will handle positioning the element relative to the bounding region given if the bounding region given is larger than the child's desired size.

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