Prerequisites for .NET Core on macOS

This article shows you the supported macOS versions and .NET Core dependencies that you need to develop, deploy, and run .NET Core applications on macOS machines. The supported OS versions and dependencies that follow apply to the three ways of developing .NET Core apps on a Mac: via the command-line with your favorite editor, Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio for Mac.

Downloads and dependencies

.NET Core 3.0 is supported on macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) and later versions. A x64 CPU architecture is required.

Download and install the .NET Core SDK from the .NET Core 3.0 downloads page. .NET Core 3.0 Supported OS Versions for the complete list of .NET Core 3.0 supported operating systems, distributions and versions, out of support OS versions, and lifecycle policy links.

For a list of known issues, see .NET Core known issues.


.NET Core applications that use the System.Drawing.Common assembly require libgdiplus to be installed.

An easy way to obtain libgdiplus is by using the Homebrew ("brew") package manager for macOS. After installing brew, install libgdiplus by executing the following commands at a Terminal (command) prompt:

brew update
brew install mono-libgdiplus

Visual Studio for Mac

You can use any editor to develop .NET Core applications using the .NET Core SDK. However, if you want to develop .NET Core applications on a Mac in an integrated development environment, you can use Visual Studio for Mac.