Compiler Warning (level 2) CS0108

'member1' hides inherited member 'member2'. Use the new keyword if hiding was intended.

A variable was declared with the same name as a variable in a base class. However, the new keyword was not used. This warning informs you that you should use new; the variable is declared as if new had been used in the declaration.

The following sample generates CS0108:

// CS0108.cs  
// compile with: /W:2  
using System;  

namespace x  
   public class clx  
      public int i = 1;  

   public class cly : clx  
      public static int i = 2;   // CS0108, use the new keyword  
      // Use the following line instead:  
      // public static new int i = 2;  

      public static void Main()  

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