Compiler Error CS0815

Cannot assign 'expression' to an implicitly typed local

An expression that is used as the initializer for an implicitly typed variable must have a type. Because anonymous function expressions, method group expressions, and the null literal expression do not have a type, they are not appropriate initializers. An implicitly typed variable cannot be initialized with a null value in its declaration, although it can later be assigned a value of null.

To correct this error

  1. Provide an explicit type for the variable.


The following code generates CS0815:

// cs0815.cs  
class Test  
    public static int Main()  
        var d = s => -1; // CS0815  
        var e = (string s) => 0; // CS0815  
        var p = null;//CS0815  
        var del = delegate(string a) { return -1; };// CS0815  
        return -1;  

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