What's new in C#

  • C# 7:

    • This page describes the latest features in the C# language. This covers C# 7, currently available in Visual Studio 2017.
  • C# 6:

    • This page describes the features that were added in C# 6. These features are available in Visual Studio 2015 for Windows developers, and on .NET Core 1.0 for developers exploring C# on macOS and Linux.
  • Cross Platform Support:
    • C#, through .NET Core support, runs on multiple platforms. If you are interested in trying C# on macOS, or on one of the many support Linux distributions, learn more about .NET Core.

Previous Versions

The following lists key features that were introduced in previous versions of the C# language and Visual Studio .NET.

  • Visual Studio .NET 2013:

    • This version of Visual Studio included bug fixes, performance improvements, and technology previews of .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") which became the .NET Compiler Platform SDK.
  • C# 5, Visual Studio .NET 2012:

  • C# 4, Visual Studio .NET 2010:

  • C# 3, Visual Studio .NET 2008:

    • Object and collection initializers, lambda expressions, extension methods, anonymous types, automatic properties, local var type inference, and Language Integrated Query (LINQ).
  • C# 2, Visual Studio .NET 2005:

    • Anonymous methods, generics, nullable types, iterators/yield, static classes, and covariance and contra variance for delegates.
  • C# 1.1, Visual Studio .NET 2003:

    • #line pragma and xml doc comments.
  • C# 1, Visual Studio .NET 2002:

    • The first release of C#.