Animation and Timing How-to Topics

The following topics demonstrate how to use the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) animation and timing system in your applications.

In This Section

Accelerate or Decelerate an Animation
Accumulate Animation Values During Repeat Cycles
Add an Animation Output Value to an Animation Starting Value
Animate a Property by Using a Storyboard
Animate a Property Without Using a Storyboard
Animate in a ControlTemplate
Animate in a Style
Animate the Opacity of an Element or Brush
Change the Speed of a Clock Without Changing the Speed of Its Timeline
Control a Storyboard After It Starts Using Its Interactive Methods
Control an Animation using From, To, and By
Define a Name Scope
Receive Notification When a Clock's State Changes
Repeat an Animation
Seek a Storyboard
Seek a Storyboard Synchronously
Set a Duration for an Animation
Set a Property After Animating It with a Storyboard
Simplify Animations by Using Child Timelines
Specify HandoffBehavior Between Storyboard Animations
Specify the FillBehavior for a Timeline that has Reached the End of Its Active Period
Specify Whether a Timeline Automatically Reverses
Trigger an Animation When a Property Value Changes
Use Event Triggers to Control a Storyboard After It Starts







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