<etwEnable> Element

Specifies whether to enable event tracing for Windows (ETW) for common language runtime events.



<etwEnable enabled="true|false"/>  

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
enabled Required attribute.

Specifies whether ETW should be enabled.

enabled Attribute

Value Description
true Enable ETW. This is the default for versions of Windows beginning with the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.
false Disable ETW. This is the default for earlier versions of Windows.

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
configuration The root element in every configuration file used by the common language runtime and .NET Framework applications.
runtime Contains information about assembly binding and garbage collection.


Beginning with Windows Vista, ETW is enabled by default. Use this element to disable ETW for an application. In earlier versions of Windows, use this element to enable ETW for an application.


ETW can be enabled or disabled globally on a server by using a registry setting. See Controlling .NET Framework Logging.


The following example shows how to enable ETW tracing for an application.

      <etwEnable enabled="true" />  

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