Defines a transport that causes a channel to transfer messages using named pipes when it is included in a custom binding.



<namedPipeTransport channelInitializationTimeout="TimeSpan"
  <connectionPoolSettings groupName="String"
                          maxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint="Integer" />

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



Child Elements

Element Description
ChannelInitializationTimeout Gets or sets a TimeSpan that determines the maximum time a channel can be in the initialization status before being disconnected.
ConnectionBufferSize Gets or sets the size of the buffer used to transmit a chunk of the serialized message on the wire from the client or service.
hostNameComparisonMode Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the hostname is used to reach the service when matching on the URI.
manualAddressing Gets or sets a value that indicates whether manual addressing of the message is required.
maxBufferPoolSize Gets or sets the maximum size, in bytes, of any buffer pools used by the transport.
maxBufferSize Gets or sets the maximum size of the buffer to use. For streamed messages, this value should be at least the maximum possible size of the message headers, which are read in buffered mode.
maxOutputDelay Gets or sets the maximum interval of time that a chunk of a message or a full message can remain buffered in memory before being sent out.
maxPendingAccepts Gets or sets the maximum number of channels a service can have waiting on a listener for processing incoming connections to the service.
maxPendingConnections Gets or sets the maximum number of connections awaiting dispatch on the service.
maxReceivedMessageSize Gets and sets the maximum allowable message size, in bytes, that can be received.
transferMode Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the messages are buffered or streamed with the connection-oriented transport.
<connectionPoolSettings> of <namedPipeTransport> Specifies additional connection pool settings for a Named Pipe binding.

Parent Elements

Element Description
<binding> Defines all binding capabilities of the custom binding.


This transport uses URIs of the form "net.pipe://hostname/path". Other URI components are optional.

The namedPipeTransport element is the starting point for creating a custom binding that implements the named pipes transport protocol. This transport is used for on-machine Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)-to-WCF communication.

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