Specifies transaction flow support for the custom binding.



<transactionFlow transactionProtocol="OleTransactions/WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004" />

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
transactionProtocol Specifies the transaction protocol to be used. Valid values include the following:

- OleTransactions
- WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004

The default is OleTransactions.

This attribute is of type TransactionProtocol.

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
<binding> Defines all binding capabilities of the custom binding.


This element allows you to enable or disable incoming transaction flow in an endpoint’s binding settings, as well as to specify the desired protocol format for incoming transactions. For more information on using this configuration element, see ServiceModel Transaction Configuration and Enabling Transaction Flow.


When using the OleTransactions protocol to flow transactions from endpoint to endpoint, the transaction timeout can be lost if the destination endpoint attempts to flow again using any protocol other than OleTransactions. This can cause all down-level nodes after the OleTransactions hop to timeout later than expected.

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